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I Saw Black Clouds – Official Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for I Saw Black Clouds, an interactive movie from the publishers of The Complex and Maid of Sker. Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Switch and PC in Q1 2021.

I Saw Black Clouds is an interactive psychological thriller with supernatural elements and branching storylines. How you connect with the characters and the moral choices you make along the way will affect what you discover, the journey you take, and the resolution you find at the end. Your decisions will not only change individual scenes, but could present you with an entirely different storyline that can be discovered on multiple playthroughs.

Wales Interactive is a video game and interactive movie developer & publisher, based in South Wales, UK. Other titles includes Maid of Sker, The Complex, Five Dates, The Bunker, Don’t Knock Twice, The Shapeshifting Detective and more.

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