Maiden – Full Resident Evil Village Demo (4K)

Maiden, the first demo for Resident Evil Village, is now out on PS5. Granted, it’s a bit tricky to access the demo right now as the PSN Store is struggling a bit, but fret not! For if you aren’t able to access the demo yourself, you can easily watch us go through it.

In the video above, we play through the PS5 demo–fully captured in 4K. The demo isn’t a slice of Resident Evil Village. Instead, it’s a separate, standalone adventure. In Maiden, you play as the titular protagonist, who is travelling through the castle that acts as the main setting for Resident Evil Village.

There’s no combat in the demo; it’s meant to be more of a mood piece that showcases just how spooky Village is going to look on PS5. “We’re hoping to have players get a real feel for the visuals and audio as they take the Maiden on her journey to find a way out of the castle,” Resident Evil Village producer Pete Fabiano said in the game’s recent showcase.

The demo makes use of the PS5’s tech as well, featuring both ray tracing and 3D Audio support. That way you can really immerse yourself into the horror experience.

Beyond PS5, Resident Evil Village is also scheduled to launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7. Several different editions of the game are already available for preorder.

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