Call Of Duty’s Most Broken Guns PART 2

We’ve returned with more of Call of Duty’s most broken guns! In our previous list, Richie Bracamonte went over many of broken guns featured throughout the series’ long history. Some were silly and barely functional, and remembered for how poorly they performed. This time, Richie returns with only the most overpowered broken weapons picked by our viewers. These guns are infamous for their destructive power are most were subject to a much-needed patch in order to rebalance the multiplayer experience.

Even though patching and/or “Nerfing” a weapon is commonplace today, a handful of these guns are still fan-favorites for their competitive edge, and some would say that they’re still broken. Shotguns such as Black Ops III’s 205 Brecci, Modern Warfare’s 725, and of course Modern Warfare 2’s iconic 1887s (featured in Part 1) all had above-average ranges. In the submachine class, contenders like World at War’s MP40 and MW3’s MP7 hit hard and fast. They also featured quick times to kill and high fire rates. In some cases, guns like the MP5 are broken in nearly every game they’re featured it.

In our review of Cold War, Kallie Plagge explains how “The Cold War setting allows for a lot of variety from one map to the next, which helps the limited slate feel richer; a highlight in terms of aesthetic are Miami’s neon-soaked streets. Each core 6v6 map balances close-quarters spaces with long-range sightlines, and in my experience, they mostly translate well from one mode to the next.”

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – MP40 (World at War)
00:55 – FR 5.56 Shotgun (Modern Warfare)
01:43 – Sniper Rifles (Black Ops 2)
02:25 – MP7 (Modern Warfare 3)
03:15 – FAL OSW (Black Ops 2)
03:51 – Famas (Black Ops 1)
04:21 – ACR 6.8 (MW2 & MW3)
05:05 – M16 and AUG (Cold War)
05:52 – 725 Shotgun (Modern Warfare)
06:35 – MP5 (Modern Warfare & Cold War)
07:19 – VMP (Black Ops 4)
08:05 – AS-VAL (Modern Warfare)
09:01 – Proteus Shotgun/Sniper (Infinite Warfare)
09:47 – Fennec (Call of Duty Mobile)
10:10 – 205 Brecci Shotgun

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