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The PlayStation 5 review embargo has lifted, and now we can answer all your burning questions about the console, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the controller, and headset.

It’s finally here, the day we can finally tell you everything we know about the PlayStation 5. Sony’s new console is almost here and, ahead of its November 12 release date, review embargoes have been lifted. GameSpot’s review is available to read on the website or watch on YouTube. But, of course, the Generation Next team is also here to answer your questions.

Last week we asked you what you wanted to know most about the PS5 and did our best to answer the questions, while staying within the boundaries of the many legal documents we signed. However, now we have permission to tell all, so we’ve gone back and grabbed a few more questions to answer. 

In the episode, Jordan puts your questions to Lucy and Tamoor, who talk about UI, how PS4 games run, whether Boost Mode is helping, if we’ve tested Blu-ray movies, and what the 3D audio is like. If that isn’t enough, they also dig into the DualSense’s battery life, how loud the PS5 is, download speeds, and more.

There’s also some chat about Spider-Man: Miles Morales, one of the games that will be available for the PS5 at launch. Jordan reviewed the game, while Lucy and Tamoor have both completed it. So, tune in to find out whether the PS5 is an exciting new future for PlayStation owners and whether Miles Morales is as good as Insomniac’s original Spider-Man game.

00:00 – Intro
01:11 – How is the PS5 UI?
04:59 – How are PS4 games running on PS5?
07:41 – Have you tested an Ultra HD Blu-ray on PS5?
09:11 – How is the 3D Audio when using the Pulse 3D Headset?
12:43 – Last gen game loading time and how it compares to Xbox?
15:10 – How is the DualSense’s battery?
17:21 – Does the PS5 fan sound like an XF-84H?
20:43 – Is there a version of Quick Resume on PS5?
22:36 – How are the download speeds on PS5?
23:49 – How nice does the PS5 look with the lights off?
25:13 – Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review Discussion
29:53 – Outro

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