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Ghostrunner – Official Gameplay Trailer

Ghostrunner released a new trailer as part of the gamescom’s Awesome Indies show last weekend and it’s full of juicy action. Did you lose track of time, sharpening your katana and didn’t get to watch the show live? No worries! It happens to us all the time, so we made sure to save the trailer for you for later—watch it now!

Ghostrunner is a hardcore FPP slasher packed with lightning-fast action, set in a grim, cyberpunk setting of a futuristic mega-structure. Climb Dharma Tower, humanity’s last shelter after a world-ending cataclysm. Make your way up from the very bottom to the top, confront the tyrannical Keymaster, and take your revenge.

One-hit-one-kill mechanics make the combat fast and intense—use your superior mobility (and frequent checkpoints!) to fearlessly engage in a never-ending dance with death.

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