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Gamescom 2020 Livestream: Doom Eternal, Borderlands 3 & More | Day 3

The Awesome Indies Show along with more trailers and reveals debuting exclusively on IGN fill up Day 3 of IGN Live X Gamescom. The show runs from 8am-3:30pm PT and ends with the Daily Show which looks back on everything we revealed. Check out the full Day 3 schedule below:

*Times are subject to change*

7:30am PT
Gestalt: Steam & Cinder – New Gameplay Reveal
Hello Neighbor 2 – New Gameplay Reveal
Haven – New Gameplay Reveal

8.00am PT
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Trailer and New Gameplay Reveal
Medieval Dynasty – Trailer Reveal
Scourgebringer – Trailer Reveal
Blazing Sails – Trailer Reveal
Potion Party – Trailer Reveal
Dark Fracture – New Gameplay Reveal

8.30am PT
Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Trailer Reveal
Iron Harvest – Trailer Reveal
Minute of Islands – Trailer Reveal
Core – Trailer Reveal
Demon Turf – New Gameplay Reveal
Kings Bounty II – New Gameplay Reveal

9.00am PT
Toodee and Topdee – New Gameplay Reveal
Blankos Block Party – New Gameplay Reveal
Gonner2 – New Gameplay Reveal
Proto Corgi – New Gameplay Reveal
Cyber Hook – New Gameplay Reveal

9.30am PT
Grindstone – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Reveal
Chained Echoes – New Gameplay Reveal
Indie Arena Booth – Lineup Trailer
Minecraft Dungeons – New Gameplay Reveal

10.00am PT
Awesome Indies Show
Unannounced Game – Trailer Reveal
The Last Spell – New Gameplay Reveal
Skul: The Hero Slayer – Version 1.0 Gameplay Reveal
Spinch – Trailer Reveal
Gone Viral – Trailer Reveal
Paradise Lost – Trailer Reveal
Ariel_Knight’s Never Yield – Trailer Reveal
Terror Squid – Trailer Reveal

10.30am PT
Adventures of Chris – New Gameplay Reveal
Out of Place – New Gameplay Reveal
Blade Assault – Trailer Reveal
Exo One – Trailer Reveal
Space Crew – Trailer Reveal
Tamarin – Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game – Gameplay Reveal
Endling – Gameplay Reveal

11.00am PT
Riftbreaker – Trailer and New Gameplay Reveal
Gamedec – Trailer Reveal
Unannounced Game – Trailer Reveal
GRIME – Trailer Reveal
Ghostrunner – Trailer and New Gameplay Reveal

11.30am PT
Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World – Trailer and Gameplay Reveal
Aeon Drive – Trailer Reveal
A Juggler’s Tale – New Gameplay Reveal
ID@Xbox – Lineup Trailer
Ostranauts – Trailer Reveal
Away: The Survival Series – Gameplay Reveal

12.00pm PT
Mafia: Definitive Edition – Gameplay Preview
Ary and the Secret of Seasons – New Gameplay Reveal
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – New Gameplay Reveal

12.30pm PT
GigaBash – New Gameplay Reveal
The Signifier – New Gameplay Reveal
Wargaming – Developer Interview
Vigor – Trailer Reveal

1.00pm PT
Rune II – Trailer Reveal
As Far As The Eye – Trailer Reveal
Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator – Trailer Reveal
Death of Rose – New Gameplay Reveal
DARQ – New Gameplay Reveal
Hotshot Racing – New Gameplay Reveal

1.30pm PT
Borderlands 3: Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck – New Gameplay Reveal
Speed Limit – New Gameplay Reveal
Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Developer Commentary

2.00pm PT
Gamescom Daily Show
Warriors: Rise to Glory – Trailer Reveal
Hypercharge: Unboxed – New Gameplay Reveal
DustoffZ – New Gameplay Reveal

Thanks for checking out Gamescom 2020 on IGN. Be sure to visit IGN from August 27th through August 30th for the daily Gamescom 2020 stream to check out shows like Gamescom Opening Night Live, Gamescom Awesome Indies, Gamescom Cosplay Contest, and Gamescom Best of show. And for Gamescom 2020 highlights, IGN will have them all. Throughout Gamescom2020,  we’ll be dropping new Gamescom announcements, Gamescom reveals, and Gamescom trailers you don’t want to miss.

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