Why We Gave Final Fantasy 7 Remake A 10/10

A game being awarded a 10/10 is a rarity for GameSpot, and only a small handful of titles have received the prestigious award in the site’s long history. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the latest to be inducted into the exclusive hall of fame and, if you’ve read our review of the game or watched the video review, you’ll understand why.

In our review, Final Fantasy VII Remake was described as a reimagining of a beloved tale that marries top-notch storytelling with a smart mashup of action and RPG gameplay to deliver a must-play experience.

During the GameSpot After Dark podcast Jake Dekker, Jean-Luc Seipke, and Lucy James talked to reviewer Tamoor Hussain a bit more about why he feels FF7R is an “Essential” game, by GameSpot’s standards.

The discussion is spoiler-free and touches upon the world, combat, narrative, characterization, music, and more. There are multiple perspectives represented in the conversation, ranging from fans of the original to complete newcomers that are planning to play when it’s available. Watch for an in-depth breakdown of how Final Fantasy VII Remake earns its 10.

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