The Biggest New Changes In Persona 5 Royal

The new version of Atlus’ celebrated RPG, Persona 5 Royal, is out now on PlayStation 4. It’s not quite the same game you remember, however, as Royal includes a number of significant differences compared to the original release. This includes updated story and combat mechanics, and lots more.
In a new video, Jess covers over a dozen of the biggest new changes in Persona 5 Royal. Most obvious are the new characters and the additional semester that comes at the conclusion of the original game. The new characters are Kasumi and Marui, and there is a new location, too: Kichijoji. This region includes a lot of new stores, including shops where you can sell sooty clothing for money and points, and a dart and billiards parlor called Penguin Sniper.

Check out the full video above to learn lots more about what’s new in Persona 5 Royal. Bear in mind, however, that this is just the beginning for the differences you can find in the game. Whatever the case, we can say that the time investment (Persona 5 Royal can be a 150-hour game) is absolutely worth it to see and experience all that’s new.

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