13 Essential Tips For Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally out on Nintendo Switch, and if you’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Jake is here to run you through some essential tips you need to know as you are adjusting to island life.

These 13 tips range from daily tasks you won’t want to forget about to advice on how to catch some of the most cunning insects. Of course, if you have tips for your fellows travellers be sure to drop them in the comments below.

In Kallie Plagge’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons review in progress, she gave it an 8, saying, “While I’ve spent a lot of time developing my island so far, I still feel as if there’s plenty left for me to do and see–there’s a lot in New Horizons to occupy your time with.”

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