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Resident Evil 2 Demo comes this December

While it can be difficult to get excited solely for a game remaster, when you hear that the remaster is for Resident Evil 2, you will understand the hype behind it. Resident Evil 2 was one of the best games in the series. And this is not just a remaster, a lot of people that already played the game at E3 and other conventions state that this is a complete remake.

It’s easy to see why it did take quite a lot of time for this game to be launched. But now that it’s already here, more and more fans are clamoring for a piece of the action. And it seems that the game is set to arrive very soon.

The cool thing about Resident Evil 2’s Demo is that it will arrive this December. And while it won’t include a whole lot from the entire game, it is still nice to have a way to test our computers and also check out how they remade the game, to begin with.

It does make sense to receive a demo during December, mainly because the full game is coming on January 25th, 2019. So we are very close to the launch of this title, and we are weeks away from getting a taste of it at the very least.

Resident Evil 2 is said to be one of the scariest games in the series, so if you are a fan of horror, this is a treat for sure. Plus, a lot of people didn’t get to play Resident Evil 2 back in the day, so having it here with revamped graphics and controls is fantastic!

Here’s the Story Trailer of Resident Evil 2:

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  1. Leon seems more nervous in this game kinda makes sense because in Re2 he was like not scared at all even thou he was a rookie officer this makes it even more realistic

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