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Everspace comes in Nintendo Switch this December

It’s always nice to have new games and especially new genres coming to the Switch. And in this case, Everspace seems to be the next title that will find a home in here. The game has a fantastic space exploration experience that allows you to customize your ship, complete missions and enjoy a vast array of challenges.

As you play missions, you receive upgrades, and these can be used to make you stronger. And you need that because the game experience is getting more challenging as you go to new locations in the space world created here.

Everspace makes perfect sense on the Switch. The controls are great, the spacecraft is already easy to use, and you have lots of space to explore and just enjoy here. The cool thing about the game is that the entire experience is designed to be enjoyed in long as well as short bursts. However, it’s a roguelike game, so you do need to avoid dying as you will lose resources. But you won’t lose any major progress in the game, which is a great thing to have.

If you liked Everspace on PC and you want to play it on Switch, you will be able to do that starting with the 11th of December for $39.99. Considering that it’s an indie title with a lot of production value and content, it has a reasonable price, and it’s safe to say that a lot of people want a good space exploration game on the platform, this might very well be that game!

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  1. Been waiting for this to drop really wanted to pick up a physical copy but I heard that will be next year. Anyway it looks awesome

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