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Batman: Arkham Collection is now available in Xbox One

The Batman: Arkham games are maybe one of the most popular titles for those who like a superhero and beat-em-up games. Even if the last title in the series did not live up to the standards with its messy launch on some platforms and inconsistent gameplay at times, this is still a series that’s well worth checking out.

The good thing is that the Batman: Arkham Collection is already available on Xbox One right now. You can get it for $60. While it’s priced the same as a new AAA title, you get a lot of content here. You have Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. The first two games are entirely remastered, which means you do have the opportunity to replay those cool games with amazing visuals.

Included in the Batman: Arkham Collection you will also find the skins and challenge pack DLC, this is basically the complete Batman game package that you need if you have an Xbox One. Considering that all these games received a lot of praise on Xbox One and millions of people played them, it’s nice to see Rocksteady provide a complete collection.

A lot of people believe that the launch of this collection is actually a way to prepare people for the upcoming Batman game that will arrive at one point. Rumors state that the new games will bring in new characters into the mix and we will have a new adventure, not a continuation of the Batman: Arkham series. For now, nothing is confirmed, but it’s safe to say that getting the Batman: Arkham Collection is a fantastic investment!

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  1. I remember in this game the hardest bosses for me were deathstroke, deadshot, and cheetah but cheetah was the most toughest

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