Zelda BOTW Experts Reacts To Viral Reddit Clips

Max “RinHara5aki” Blumenthal with over 2300+ hours experience with Breath of the Wild combat, reacts and breaks down the complexity of some of the game’s most viral Reddit clips. 

Max “RinHara5aki” Blumenthal’s combat glossary in progress explains a great deal about the vastness of advanced combat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Be sure to also check out Max’s breakdown of high-level BOTW combat:

Breath of the Wild’s complex mechanics and overlapping intricacies led players to push the game’s boundaries, resulting in several gameplay clips that took the internet by storm. Some of these are so complex, it’s hard for the average player to decipher exactly what’s even happening.

In the above video, Max, our in-house BOTW expert, reacts to some of the most viral BOTW clips, and breaks down how techniques like Wind Bombs, Crouch Cancels, Bomb Flips, and many others are used to accomplish some of these mind-boggling clips.

As Peter Brown stated in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s review back in 2017, “Given the myriad enemies and weapons you’re up against, mastery feels almost unattainable even with substantial practice. However, that also means you are constantly learning in the face of unforeseen challenges.”

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