PS5 DualSense Controller’s Best Features

With adaptive triggers and haptic feedback inside, the DualSense offers new opportunities for PS5 gameplay and connecting what’s on screen to the controller in your hand. But it has to be used for more than just Astro’s Playroom.

The PlayStation 5 sports faster load times and improved graphics over its predecessor, but its controller is the thing you’re probably going to notice most as you dive into your next-generation gaming experiences. The DualSense sports a bunch of improved technology, from its adaptive triggers to its dynamic haptic feedback, that elevate the games that use it well.

The best showcase for the DualSense we’ve seen so far is Astro’s Playroom, the 3D platformer that comes bundled with the PS5. It uses every speck of capability the DualSense offers, showing off its enhanced rumble features with feedback based on what surfaces you’re walking on and what actions you’re taking, changing the tension of the adaptive triggers to mimic what Astro is doing on screen, and adding the touchpad, microphone, and gyroscope into the mix to amplify them all. 

Check out the video above for our impressions of the DualSense–including why we’re a bit worried about its long-term prospects. We’ve got plenty more PS5 coverage now and in the coming weeks, so be sure to stick with GameSpot to catch it all.

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