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PS5 Controller Teardown Points To Reason For DualSense Drift – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s episode of the Daily Fix, Sydnee tries to explain what the folks at iFixIt think causes drift in the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. It’s all pretty technical, but in the most basic of terms, it’s wear-and-tear on some of the components. Another interesting thing to come out of the PS5 controller teardown: the company that supplies joysticks for the PS5 Dual Sense is the same company that supplies joysticks for the Nintendo Switch joycon controllers. And as we all know, Nintendo is dealing with their own issues with joy-con drift. But don’t go pointing fingers just yet, it might not be the joysticks themselves that are causing drift. And in other news, EA is looking to patent a way for gamers to play their digital games via streaming immediately after purchase, instead of having to wait hours for the game to download. Pretty cool. Switching gears from games to entertainment, The CW’s Superman and Lois premieres tomorrow! We’ve got a short preview of what the super-couple have been up to since the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s your Daily Fix! Thumbnail images from iFixIt, Sony.

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