PS Plus, PS Now, And Game Pass: The Ultimate Guide

Whether it’s PS Plus, PS Now, or Game Pass, there’s a lot of options for what we play and how we play it, but what’s the best for you? Here’s the ultimate guide to understanding what each service has to offer.

There is no better time than now to be a gamer, and that’s simply because we have a lot of options for what we play and how we play it.

But with options, comes the need to make decisions, and to make decisions you need to be as informed as possible on questions like what is the PlayStation Plus Collection? Or PS Now? Is it like Xbox Game Pass? Are they the same and what service is right for my gaming needs? 

PS Now offers the ability to stream over 700 games, 400 of which are downloadable, and thankfully Bloodborne is available for both options. But what about The Last Of Us? You may be surprised to know it’s only streamable. In comparison to PS Now’s huge library, Game Pass has a little over a 100 games, but does more games mean it’s better for you?

In this video, Kurt Indovina goes through what each service is, what they cost, and exactly what it is they offer. He also lists details some of the hottest games for each service, and compares what games are available on both PS Plus Collection and Game Pass, like Batman: Arkham Knight, Resident Evil 7, and more. 

00:00 – Introduction

What are they?

00:39 – PlayStation Plus
01:05 – PlayStation Now
01:33 – Game Pass

The cost and perks.

02:07 – PlayStation Plus
02:32 – PlayStation Now
02:47 – Game Pass
03:51 – Xbox Live Gold

The Games

05:40 – Game Pass
06:57 – PlayStation Now
07:54 – PlayStation Plus Collection

08:39 – Conclusion

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