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Best Video Game Character of All Time | Round 1

Welcome to Power Ranking, a show where YOU the fans get to vote on your favorite things in video games, movies, TV and whatever the hell else the internet can get excited for.

This is our first episode of the special IGN tournament event, Power Ranking Face-Off! Here’s how it works: Through our Face-Off voting on, YOU, the fans chose your favorite video game characters from over 300 entrants. These Face-Off votes provided a win-loss record for each character which determined the overall ranking. The top 64 of that ranked list have been seeded into our tournament bracket.

From here, we polled across multiple IGN platforms to scientifically determine which video game characters should move on to the next round. The top two from each group of four will move on for a chance to be crowned the best video game character of ALL TIME! Find out who made it through into round 2!

00:17 – Tournament Breakdown
01:00 – Fan Predictions
01:26 – Round 1 Winners (Red Side)
02:12 – Round 1 Winners (Blue Side)
02:57 – Characters Eliminated from the Tourney
03:25 – New Bracket
04:14 – Bottom 5 from your Face-Off voting

Vote for your Round 2 favorites here:


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